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Feb 6, 2013 11:30pm PST
. tonight, we got a look at one district's simple change that educators say could make a huge difference. >> i've been learning to sit down. >> reporter: it just finished installing new locks on more than 800 classroom doors. >> previously what happened was you had to open the door, lock it, and then come in. that's not very safe. the new locks, the mechanism is that. the people inside, they just have to go to the door and lock the door from inside, and just close the door shut and nobody can open it from outside. >> reporter: the safety improvements started last summer, well before the massacre at sandy hook elementary. these new locks were installed in 11 schools in the union city area. classrooms without windows were also installed with peep holes. parents applaud the move. ingly love it. now i can go to work, and i can be, know that my son is going to be okay. >> it just gives you an extra sense of assurance. >> especially after what happened with connecticut. big worries, you know, we say prayers every morning before she leaves. >> reporter: administrators say the upgrades came at a
Feb 7, 2013 11:30pm PST
. the denser plumes are violations drawing $100 fines. >> our goal really is to educate people about the health impacts of wood smoke and to reduce that wood burning and we are seeing progress. >> we do not knock on doors as part of our wood smoke patrolling. >> reporter: inspectors don't announce themselves they document what they see with photos and notes. >> i may stay and observe this one and take some readings. >> offenders get a notice in the mail. and on a second violation, a fine. only households with no other source of heat are exempt. this fairfax resident fond of her cozy wood stove says she supports spare the air days. >> i turned on a fire once and i checked it and found out it was once, and i put it out. >>> here's a smoke shrouded mount calliapaya when there were three burn days. before anyone has to pay a fine they are offered a free smoke education class. but more than 7,000 residents suffer from a respiratory problem made worse by wood smoke, deborah villalon ktvu news. >>> and more information, here are the top three violations. sonoma county has 108 violations, co
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2